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Configuring the Internet Connection

Now that your first computer is connected to the gateway, you need to configure your gateway to communicate with your Internet service provider. To activate your Internet account:


Choose Broadband Link Tab
Click Advance Setting

You may be prompted to enter service provider information such as Encapsulation, username and password. Enter any required service provider information.

Click SAVE

The connection process will begin. During this process the INTERNET light on the front of the gateway will first blink green then turn solid green. This step could take up to five minutes as the gateway searches for your broadband service.

The gateway will now connect to the Internet. This process may take several minutes. If the registration screen opens, click the REGISTER button and complete the 2Wire registration process.



Open a Web browser and access the 2Wire gateway user interface by entering HTTP://
Click the Home Network tab.
Click the Wireless Settings

Click SAVE


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