PROLINK Hurricane 6300G

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Configuring with your Web Browser

Open your web browser, enter the IP address by default is, and click “Go”,
The default username and password are “admin”

Quick Start (wizard setup)
Click RUN WIZARD button

The Quick Start Wizard will appear.
Click NEXT to continue

Set your new password.
Click NEXT

Choose your time zone
Click NEXT

Set your Internet connection
Click NEXT

Enter The PPP Information provided by ISP
Click NEXT

Click NEXT to save the current settings

Restart your ADSL2+ Router


Click Interface Setup menu then click Wireless in sub menu
You can disable or enable with WPA or WEP for protecting wireless network.
The Authentication type must be enabled to allow all wireless computers to communicate with the access points with any data encryption

Access Point Settings
Access Point: Default setting is set to Activated.
(If you do not have any wireless, both 802.11g and 802.11b, device in your network, select Deactived.)

The SSID is the unique name of a wireless access point (AP) to be distinguished from another.
For security propose, change the default wlan-ap to a unique ID name (example: heruganteng) to the AP which is already built-in to the router’s wireless interface.
It is case sensitive and must not excess 32 characters. Make sure your wireless clients have exactly the SSID as the device, in order to get connected to your network.

The default key is key #1.

If you chose WEP 64-bits, then enter any 5 ASCII characters or 10 hexadecimal characters ("0-9", "A-F").
Example :
1. 0x12345fabcf --> 10 hexadecimal characters.
2. 0xfabcf --> 5 ASCII characters excluding symbols or
3. 0x12345 --> 5 ASCII characters excluding symbols.

If you chose WEP 128-bits, then enter 13 ASCII characters or 26 hexadecimal characters ("0-9", "A-F").
Example :
1. 0x00000444445555500000abcdef--> 26 hexadecimal characters.
2. 0x1234567891012 --> 13 ASCII characters excluding symbols
3. 0xabcdefabcdefa --> 13 ASCII characters excluding symbols

Click Apply to finished your wireless settings

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