3 COM 3CRWDR-Series

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Enter the following URL in the location or address field of your browser: The Login screen displays

To log in as an administrator, enter the password , the default password is admin in the System Password field and click Log in

When you have logged in,
- if you are logging in for the first time, the Country Selection screen will appear : Please select the country form the drop-down menu, and click Apply. The Wizard will then launch automatically (refer to You will be guided step by step through a basic setup procedure.

- if the Router has been configured previously, the Welcome screen will appear There are three tabs: Notice Board, Password and Wizard.

Go to the Wizard tab to do a quick setup of the Router

Select the time zone in the Set Time Zone drop-down menu. Next

Select a DSL mode from the following :
- PPPoE — PPP over Ethernet, providing routing for multiple PCs, see
- PPPoA — PPP over ATM, providing routing for multiple PCs,
- Bridge Mode (for a single PC) — RFC1483 Bridged Mode, for single PCs only
- Routing Mode over ATM — RFC1483 Routed Mode, for multiple PCs,
- Dynamic/Fixed IP in 1483 Bridge Mode (for multiple PCs),


Enter the Username, Pasword, VPI/VCI, and Encapsulation field. NEXT

Select the channel you want to use and the SSID to be used by your Wireless Network NEXT

When you have completed the Setup Wizard, a configuration summary will appear. Verify the configuration information of the Router and then click Apply to save your settings.


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